59 Years Preparing Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
59 Years Preparing Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Passing the torch

Special announcement from Don Weisbrod, Cofounder of Icthus International.

1964 - Don Weisbrod, back from his first trip to Guatemala, where Icthus was born.

        As I approach 58 years with Icthus, I have some exciting news to share with you.   On May 1st, I’ll pass the Icthus torch on to a young and capable leader.  Luis Yon will become the new International Director!


Luis has served in Icthus for almost 2 years as Associate International Director.  He has worked hard and proven he is able.  Very importantly, he is firmly committed to the Mission of Icthus.


  Luis has a background that prepares him well for Icthus.  Born in Guatemala, he went to college there and started a scholarship ministry to help poor children go to school.  He is in tune with the needs of young people in Latin America.  Luis lives in Wisconsin and has a beautiful family. 

Cofounders Don Weisbrod (2nd left) and Gilo Mendez (2nd right) with kids on the first hike and campout in Guatemala in 1965.

As Luis receives the torch, he will need our help to make this transition smooth and successful.  Support is needed to move Icthus files and equipment from California to Wisconsin, equip his office, support his initial trips to Latin America, and provide administrative assistance. 


There’s a lot to do.  Please join me in helping to pass the torch to Luis.  


I’m grateful to you because you have helped build the legacy of Icthus.  Your prayers and support have helped make this an effective ministry that changes lives.  Thousands of young people have been blessed by this legacy - guiding them to Love God and their Neighbors as Themselves.” 


Letter from our Board President

William Mitchell

William Mitchell, Icthus Board President with his wife, Carlota

As a member of the Icthus board since 2004, I’ve seen the breadth of this ministry’s impact.  I’ve also appreciated Don Weisbrod’s faithfulness, as he has kept Icthus both grounded and growing.  He has expanded our outreach from country to country and age group to age group through upheaval, disasters, and even a pandemic.


The Icthus board has more recently seen Don’s faithfulness as he patiently helped search out and train up his successor, Luis Yon.  It’s been exciting to see Luis’ youth, “Icthusiasm,” creativity, and heart for children and the Lord.  We are eager to see what God will do through him as Icthus looks to the future.


As the Icthus Board President, I’m grateful that this moment has come and humbled to be a witness to this historic moment.  We are committed to leaving the ministry in solid hands and carefully positioning it to grow into the future.


Since 1964, Icthus has been changing lives and launching into Christian service, all those that hear the call.  


Will you respond to God’s calling to help “pass the torch” and support this ministry into the future?

Thanks to you, I get to be part of this beautiful Legacy

Luis Yon

      It was August 10th, 2020.  As I started my first day as the Associate Director of Icthus, my heart exploded with gratitude.  I was now working to help kids find Jesus and transform their communities.  I was blessed.        


     I grew up in Guatemala, close to poverty, crime, and violence.  My parents opened our home to become a church.  Every Sunday, my bedroom would become a classroom for other kids, most of them extremely poor.  God was already working in my heart to serve children.


     As a young man, I learned that the best way to serve children in need is to prepare them to become leaders, passionate about Jesus, and able to transform their communities. 


Prepare young people for leadership… Have you heard that before?  That’s from Icthus’ mission statement!


         Icthus’ mission started with Jesus, and he is the ultimate Leader of Icthus International.  I will seek His wisdom to carry on the legacy that you, as an Icthus amigo, helped build along with our founder, Don Weisbrod. 


         Over 58 years, generous people like you have helped thousands of children have Icthus.  Thanks to you, Icthus children are transforming families, churches, and communities. 


       Thanks to you, I get to receive the torch and be a part of this beautiful legacy.  But I can’t do it alone, and your continued support and prayer are needed. 


              Would you consider making a special gift to continue this beautiful legacy?


I am excited that we have this wonderful news that we can pass the torch to such a fine person as Luis.  Now, Luis needs our support as he starts as International Director.  


Two ways to help Luis and continue the legacy of Icthus:


1. Please give a “Pass the Torch Gift” to equip the office in Wisconsin, support his initial trips, and provide administrative assistance to continue the legacy of helping young people.


2. Please continue to pray and give the loving guidance of Icthus to more children.

Help make this a successful transition to a new future for Icthus kids.  Click below to make a gift:

What Icthus Amigos say:


"Icthus makes a difference in the lives of kids."   

                                - Marion


"When children's behavior and outlook on life changes for good, parents are drawn to find out the reason.   Countless families have committed their lives to Christ through Icthus in many different countries.   Now it is starting in Africa and soon we may see it spread all over the world.

Truly a vision of God."   

                                - Baukien

"Icthus is changing kids' lives and their families all over the world! God is using this ministry in amazing ways. Join in and help with your donations to touch even more lives!!!" 

                               - Charlotte

"Icthus is a complete discipleship program  for Kids. Many have grown into leadership in Icthus and their community . It is truly God inspired and continues to be blessed by Him." 

                                   - Pep

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