Matching Gift Challenge Deadline December 31st Midnight.
Matching Gift Challenge Deadline December 31st Midnight.
Preparing Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Preparing Young People for Christian Service and Leadership


Provide the

Best Gift for 2021 


The best gift for a child in Latin America could be a year of Icthus ministry; and for an impoverished family, it could be food and other compassionate aid. 


Life has been very challenging for many children and families in Latin America.  You can help to make it better by giving the best gift.  


With your gift you can provide one or more kids with the Icthus ministry of activities and learning throughout the whole year.   You'll also be helping  to provide impoverished family with aid, such as food.     


Any amount will help.  For example, $50 can help provide Icthus ministry to a child for a year and compassionate aid to a poor family.



Provide children like Diego (left) of Colombia with the Icthus en Casa program (Icthus at Home).  


Icthus en Casa was developed to help children and youth during this pandemic.  Children need ministry to to be sure that God loves them, to learn to love God and love others as themselves, and to grow mentally, socially, and spiritually. 


  Children from poorer families  will also get a Learning Kit with tools like pencils, paper, eraser, and crayons. 


Your gift of $15 will give Icthus to one child through the whole year. 


Icthus for a year for 2 kids - $30        4 kids = 60        8 kids - $120      10 kids = $150


Other Ways to Help


You can write in the Project, Country, or Icthus leader you would like to designate your gift for.

          Automatic Monthly Gifts

Help kids have Icthus by giving monthly.  Setting up automatic donations through your bank or online makes it easy.   Monthly donors are called Padrinos - an endearing Spanish term for God Parent or Sponsor.  


A Padrino helps monthly so kids can have the Icthus ministry all year.  


Two-thirds Group=$20/mon      One Group=$25/mon    1 and 1/5 Groups = $30 

Two Groups=$50/mon       Three Groups=$75/mon      Four Groups=$100/mon


Your bank can arrange to send monthly donation automatically or you can set up automatic online monthly giving. 

For more information about online monthly gifts click here. 

 Give a Legacy Gift

(DAF) Gifts from your Donor Advised Fund

If you have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation you may find it convenient to donate in this way.  Please check with your financial institution.

             Give by Mail or Phone

You may also donate directly by:


Credit Card: Call the International office to make a credit card donation. 

(626) 222-2167


Check:  Send a check made out to "Icthus" and mailed to:

Icthus International

PO Box 306

Lake Forest CA 92609


Icthus is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization and an ECFA Member

 Gifts to Icthus are tax deductible as per IRS regulations.


To view the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA) report on Icthus click here.  


To see the ECFA 7 Standards of Responsible Stewardship click here.

What Icthus Amigos say:


"Icthus makes a difference in the lives of kids."   

                                - Marion


"When children's behavior and outlook on life changes for good, parents are drawn to find out the reason.   Countless families have committed their lives to Christ through Icthus in many different countries.   Now it is starting in Africa and soon we may see it spread all over the world.

Truly a vision of God."   

                                - Baukien

"Icthus is changing kids' lives and their families all over the world! God is using this ministry in amazing ways. Join in and help with your donations to touch even more lives!!!" 

                               - Charlotte

"Icthus is a complete discipleship program  for Kids. Many have grown into leadership in Icthus and their community . It is truly God inspired and continues to be blessed by Him." 

                                   - Pep

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 Click HERE to learn how to leave a Legacy Gift to Icthus. 

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