Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

             FIVE WAYS TO GIVE

Individual Online Gifts

Accelerate Icthus Matching Gift  - Help double the Challenge Grant of $10,000 to help reach more children through a project which will accelerate Icthus


Give a gift of any amount to help double the Challenge Grant 

     $25,  $50,  $75,  $100.  $250,  $500,  $1,000,  $2,000, $5,000,  .... $10,000

One Year of Ichus Ministry for Chldren 

(Average $20/child per year)


 1 Child = $20       2 Children = $40      3 Children = $60     4 Children = $80  

 5 Children = $100  6 Children = $120    8 Children = $160   10 Children = $200

Camperships -  Provide a campership to help needy children go to Icthus camps.  Most have never experienced anything like it.

  1 Campership=$25   2 Camperships=$50   3 Camperships=$75   4 Camperships=$100

New Icthus Groups - Help start groups in more towns in Latin America.  The average cost to start a new group is $150. Once started they can last for years.


     $50=1/3 of a group     $100=2/3 of a group      $150=one group    $300=two groups

Training for Guides -  Train guides (leaders) to lead children and youth. A partial scholarship of just $25 makes it possible for a poorer guide to attend a special guide's training camp.  


    1 Scholarship=$25   2 Scholarships=$50   3 Scholarships=$75   4 Scholarships=$100

Automatic Monthly Gifts

Giving monthly through your bank or online makes it easy to donate.  You can arrange with your bank to send your donation directly to Icthus.  For information on setting up online monthly giving, click below. Monthly donors are called Padrinos (an endearing Spanish term for God Parent or Sponsor).


A Padrino helps monthly so kids can have the Icthus ministry all year.  The word "Padrino" in an enduring Spanish term for God Parent or Supporter.


(Click the link below to find out how to make Automatic Monthly Gifts online)

   Half Group=$15/mon      Two-thirds Group=$20/mon       One Group=$30/mon  

   One & half Groups=$45/mon     Two Groups=$60/mon     Three Groups=$90/mon


For more information about online monthly gifts click here. 

Direct Gifts

You may also donate directly by:


Credit Card: Call the International office to make a credit card donation. 

(949) 652-5007


Check:  Send a check made out to "Icthus" and mailed to:

Icthus International

PO Box 306

Lake Forest CA 92609


Legacy Gifts

Gifts from your Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

If you have a Donor Advised Fund with Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation you may find it convenient to use the widget below to make a gift from your DAF. (Other DAF custodial institutions will be added in the future)

Icthus is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization and an ECFA Member

 Gifts to Icthus are tax deductible as per IRS regulations.


To view the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA) report on Icthus click here.  


To see the ECFA 7 Standards of Responsible Stewardship click here.

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Icthus International

PO Box 306

Lake Forest, CA 92609

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