59 Years Preparing Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
59 Years Preparing Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Help children in need have consistent ministry this year by becoming a Padrino

“Padrino” is a Spanish word that means godparent.   You can become a Padrino by giving monthly.   The value of being a Padrino is that you can help more children by giving a little each month rather than a few larger gifts each year.   With a smaller monthly constant amount, you have a longer-lasting impact on children. 


For example,  Only $30 monthly provides Icthus for an entire Icthus group – that’s 15-25 kids! 

            There’s a child in Latin America who needs someone like you.  Like most children in Icthus, he or she lives in an impoverished community where life is hard, with limited opportunities. 

Lucas is an example of the impact of  Icthus' Padrinos:

Right to left: Lucas, his father Lucas Sr., and Osias, his brother - During an Icthus Camp in Colombia about 25 years ago. His Father was the national leaders.

Lucas is 37 years old.  He was an Icthus kid over 20 years ago.  Padrinos made it possible for him to have consistent Ministry as a kid.  Today, Lucas is an elementary teacher and a Pastor in Monteria, Colombia.


Here are Lucas’ words about his journey in Icthus: 


 “My journey in Icthus began at the age of 9.  In Icthus, I learned to love God and my neighbor as myself.  At age 15, I became an Icthus guide, which allowed me to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  I learned about working as a team and being creative.  


Thanks to God, Icthus’ continuous training helped to form me as a leader and to understand what it means to shepherd children.  Today, as a Pastor, Icthus is part of my church.  I thank God for allowing me to be in Icthus.” 

Lucas, holding his daughter, Celeste.

Lucas was blessed by the generosity of Padrinos.  They committed to giving a little every month so that children like him could have Icthus.  


But many are still waiting for that to happen for them.

Please consider providing Icthus to more kids by giving a monthly gift!


Would you help?


Become a Padrino:  Here’s how many children you help by giving monthly: 


  • $30 provides Icthus to one group (15-25 kids).                          
  • $60 Provides for 2 groups 



How many children can you help?


What Icthus Amigos say:


"Icthus makes a difference in the lives of kids."   

                                - Marion


"When children's behavior and outlook on life changes for good, parents are drawn to find out the reason.   Countless families have committed their lives to Christ through Icthus in many different countries.   Now it is starting in Africa and soon we may see it spread all over the world.

Truly a vision of God."   

                                - Baukien

"Icthus is changing kids' lives and their families all over the world! God is using this ministry in amazing ways. Join in and help with your donations to touch even more lives!!!" 

                               - Charlotte

"Icthus is a complete discipleship program  for Kids. Many have grown into leadership in Icthus and their community . It is truly God inspired and continues to be blessed by Him." 

                                   - Pep

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