Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

The Gift of Icthus for Children for a Year

Dear Icthus Amigo,


As we begin this new year I'm writing to you with the hope that you will be able to help a few (or many) children have the loving guidance and encouragement of the Icthus ministry. 


Counting down here are the 4 reasons why your gift is important


4. You’ll help double a brand NEW matching gift challenge of $3,000 doubling or more the number of kids helped.


3. You’ll help Icthus groups keep going for a full year in deprived areas throughout Latin America.


2. You’ll help children have the joy of Icthus’ weekly meetings, special outings like hikes and camps, and service projects.


1. You'll encourage kids to love God, be good neighbors, and build good habits and skills.


Click here to donate.  Your gift will provide wonderful things to kids who really need help.  


The 4 important reasons to give a gift now is summed up:


You’ll make an important difference in the lives of poor children for an entire year of 2018.  


Please, would click on the donate button and help matching or go beyond the $3,000 challenge so that more children will be helped? 


Thank you and Lord bless you in 2018,


Don Weisbrod
Co-Founder and President


PS:  The fastest way to put your gift to work is by giving online.  Click here to  Donate   Thank you!

If you'd like to help on a monthly basis throughout the year click here for information.  Automatic Monthly Donations








This is the Icthus group at Betania Church of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Notice the enthusiasm in the pictures?  


But, consider this as you look at the picture.  San Pedro Sula has been named one of the most dangerous cities in the world because of gangs, drugs, and violence this is agrevated by poverty.  What is it like for them to grow up there?


Icthus has been helping young people at the Betania Church for 15 years to know about God's love for them and to learn how to serve and love their neighbors as themselves.

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