Preparing Young People Christian Service and Leadership
Preparing Young People Christian Service and Leadership

Icthus Promotion Ceremony in Choluteca, Honduras on February 17th

Heroes, Legionnaires, and Icthus Youth (sixty children) were promoted after completing a significant part of their respective programs.  Don “was present” via video to congratulate the graduates.  You, as an Icthus Amigo, are a part of celebrations like this all over Latin America.    Without gifts and prayers from Icthus Amigos like you these kids would not have this ministry that helps them grow to love God and their neighbor as themselves.  Thank you!


Through Icthus you help children to grow Spiritually, Socially,  Physically,  Intellectually, and Emotionally.

Raising Successful Kids

How can you help kids to succeed in difficult places?   It’s sad that so many kids in Latin America struggle.  Too many are impacted by poverty with its stress on their families and education.   It’s not right that so many kids are exposed to violence, gangs, drugs… things that make it so hard for kids to  succeed.


I’m so happy that we have a good way to help kids succeed.  You and I, are helping to open the doors to safe and fun places in local churches where kids can be guided to become God’s people of integrity and love in their communities.   This has a profound, long-range impact as kids learn to love God, neighbor and self.  This improves families and communities.


As an Icthus Amigo, you are helping to make this long-range approach to success possible. 

The core of Icthus are the two great commandments emphasized by Jesus:

1. Love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind

2. You shall love your neighbor as yourself


These commandments are the foundation of real success that we teach kids. 

I’m confident that you too believe and practice them.   Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why you help kids to have the Icthus ministry.

To demonstrate this point, meet Eric Hernandez of Honduras.  He was an Icthus kid.  He’s an example of the long-range impact of Icthus.


“I grew up in Icthus.  Now I’m an Icthus leader at my church.  In Icthus I developed skills that now help me do my job.  I was taught that God must be first in my life and my neighbor second. Now, so many years later, when I am at work in the bank with a client, I still have those things in my mind. I want to reflect the love of God by giving my customers good service, treating them in a good way and putting myself in their shoes.  I do this out of a deep conviction I formed in Icthus years ago.


Erick’s life demonstrates real success in the way he loves God and treats others.  Your gifts are preparing future generations like him for real success.


Eric is standing on the right with his group


        In February,  I traveled to Honduras to provide training to Icthus leaders.  Hardships face so many kids and youth in Honduras.  Over the past 40 years I’ve visited there many times.  Life seems harder now and the poverty and struggles seem more apparent. 


Samuel, the Colombia National Director, and l spent three days at a Christian conference center to train 20 leaders on the accelerated IcthusNext methods.  They were very enthusiastic about the new methods.


Before leaving Honduras we visited an Icthus group on the Coast.  How exciting it was to see Icthus in action and making a big impact in their lives.  The Icthus team in Honduras is a great group of caring people.  Icthus is helping 1,500 kids in 89 groups. 


They, like the leadership teams in other Latin American countries, are positioned to help even more kids.  They’ve gotten this far thanks to the help of Icthus Amigos like you. 

Icthus kids I met in Cortez, on the coast of Honduras
Saray and Samuel Ramos

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for Samuel and Saray in Colombia.  They are expecting their first child, a girl, at the end of May.  Samuel is the national director in Colombia and is helping the other countries with their programs as well.


2. Honduras:  Please pray for the team in Honduras as they strive to help more kids.


What Icthus Amigos say:


"Icthus makes a difference in the lives of kids."   

                                - Marion


"When children's behavior and outlook on life changes for good, parents are drawn to find out the reason.   Countless families have committed their lives to Christ through Icthus in many different countries.   Now it is starting in Africa and soon we may see it spread all over the world.

Truly a vision of God."   

                                - Baukien

"Icthus is changing kids' lives and their families all over the world! God is using this ministry in amazing ways. Join in and help with your donations to touch even more lives!!!" 

                               - Charlotte

"Icthus is a complete discipleship program  for Kids. Many have grown into leadership in Icthus and their community . It is truly God inspired and continues to be blessed by Him." 

                                   - Pep

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