Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Christmas 2018

Twice as many kids can have Icthus for an entire year.  Your gift will be doubled to provide Icthus for children through all of 2019. 


Just in time for Christmas, Icthus Amigos families have joined the matching challenge started last month.  The total now is $10,000!


This means that as Icthus Amigos like you join in 2X as many kids will have Icthus.


Whether you’ve given towards the match yet or not, your gift now will release another gift of the same amount … up to $10,000.   This is an opportunity to give the best Christmas gift to TWICE the number of kids – the gift of a Christian character-building ministry for a full year.  


Here’s what this looks like VISUALLY:


Normally, $60 provides Icthus to 4 kids for a year ($15 each).

You’ll be helping 8 kids have Icthus for an entire year - All of 2019.

Can you help match a part of the challenge?  Achieving that would bless 1,333 kids!


A project this size can’t be achieved without the help of Icthus Amigos like you.  Please, would you help more kids by giving what you can?  You’ll be helping twice as many.

What was the best Christmas gift you received when you were a child?


For me it was a shiny red wagon at age 5.  But, like so many shiny, fun things that you and I received as children, they are now long gone.  But, something remains beyond the life of those presents… something profound and deep. 


Isn’t it the feeling that you were loved by someone who wanted the best for you?


That assurance of being loved and appreciated is foundational for the wellbeing and development of all children.   Many of the Icthus children you help live in difficult situations that are hard to imagine.   Your Christmas gift of Icthus will help provide the assurance to them that others care about their wellbeing.   


Your Icthus Christmas gift will:

  • Provide them with trained leaders and programs.  
  • You’ll give them adventures, meetings, and projects to do.
  • You’ll help them know that God loves them.
  • You’ll help them learn to love God and their neighbor as themselves. 


Imagine the difference you can make in the life of a little girl in a barrio in Colombia.  Or think of the boy from a poor home in Honduras who will have Icthus next year.  You’ll help give them hope, skills, and a purpose for life. 


Incredibly, you’ll also be helping their families become stronger, their churches be more effective, and their communities and countries become better places to live.

This could be the best Christmas gift a child has ever received.


Before Christmas (but no later than the December 31st deadline), would you help reach the goal of providing Icthus to 1,333 young people for a year?   What a difference that would make! 


It’s a fact, without you and other Amigos like you, very few kids would have this ministry. 

Think of what it will mean to a child in 2019.  They’ll have a safe

place to go where they’ll be accepted, encouraged, taught and helped.   You’ll be helping to provide them with a ministry of Christian character building that will impact their lives.  You’ll make a significant difference by giving them Icthus for a year.  


Before Christmas would you help as many children as you can? 


It is a big challenge releasing the $10,000!  Your help is needed.  As you help, the number of children will double.


The Lord working through your gifts and prayers makes a big difference.  I’ve seen it!  I’ve met countless numbers of kids and adults who’ve been helped because an Icthus Amigo like you cared. 


Thank you in advance for whatever you can do to help kids.

What long term Icthus Supporters say about Icthus:


"Icthus makes a difference in the lives of kids." 


"When children's behavior and outlook on life changes for good, grow in leadership, parents are drawn to find out the reason. Countless families have committed their lives to Christ through Icthus in many different countries in South America. Now it is starting to spread to Africa and soon we may see it spread all over the world. Truly a vision of God."  

"Icthus is changing kids' lives and their families all over the world! God is using this ministry in amazing ways. Join the club and help with your donations to touch even more lives!!!" 

"Icthus gives more bang (kids impacted with the Gospel) for the buck (as in $$$) than any organization I know." 

"Icthus is a complete discipleship program fro for Kids. Many have grown into leadership in Icthus and their community . It is truly God inspired and continues to be blessed by Him." 

 Click HERE to learn how to leave a Legacy Gift to Icthus. 

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