Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership


Francisco Campos, was one of four children raised by a working Mom in an area of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, that was surrounded by cantinas (saloons), drug abuse and gangs. Yet, he turned out to be a highly respected leader of a very significant ministry in Honduras that is serving the physical and spiritual needs of tens of thousands people each year. How could that happen?

Francisco calls it “an act of God.”

In his own words, “Life took a radical turn when I was 10. I was invited to this intriguing kid’s club called Icthus. Now, 30 years later, I still remember so vividly that first meeting.”


“It was captivating and challenging from day one. A place where every kid becomes family right from the start. There were interesting Bible studies, games, service projects, and Camps! Yes…even Camps—the most exciting adventures a kid that age could possibly be a part of.”


“I gave my life to the Lord in an Icthus camp and so did my brothers and sister. We started attending the church that sponsored our Icthus group, and soon most of my family was involved in church activities and Icthus as well. Because of what I learned in Icthus I remained on a good track through my teen years. It was also in Icthus that I met my wife-to-be.”

Francisco went on to become an Icthus guide, a regional coordinator, the Honduran National Director and then Honduran Icthus Board president. He now serves as a member of the Council of Advisors to the Honduran board, and he is also a member of the Icthus International Board.

Francisco and Berlin have been married almost 15 years, and have 2 beautiful kids, Ariel and Ana Valeria, ages 7 and 5. Francisco and Berlin serve the Lord together in their local church.
"When I visit my Mom, who still lives where we grew up," Francisco writes, "I thank God because of His over-abundant grace and mercy that directed me to Icthus, because He used this ministry to play a key role in His plan for me and my family."

Francisco spoke at the 50th Celebration Banquet on Nov. 8th, 2014

NOVEMBER 1964 by Don Weisbrod


November 1964 was my 5th month in Guatemala. I was a college student taking the semester off to develop Icthus. The San Diego First Presbyterian Church short term mission program supported me. I lived in the rural town of El Progreso with missionaries Tom & Grace Gyori.


Each week I developed plans with Tom and Gilo Mendez, for the Friday Icthus meetings with the kids. That month we focused on teaching the kids about hiking. We taught them how to make canteens out of gourds. The kids decorated them with their names and the Icthus fish sign and tied ropes around them to serve as slings.

The last Saturday of November we headed out of town with 25 kids to hike along the river. There we taught them how to make a campfire. Four hours later we walked back to town tired and dusty but very happy. Hiking and enjoying God's creation outdoors has been a part of Icthus ever since.


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