Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership


Antonio Brieva, Icthus Coordinator a large region in Colombia, and editor of the video

Our dream was to make a 5-minute video for Icthus Amigos like you about the Conference in Medellin, Colombia.  Antonio Brieva of Colombia shot interviews with various leaders with the assistance of Kara Watkins of California.  All was on track for Antonio to edit the video after the conference. 


But, Antonio discovered an unpleasant surprise. 


The audio track of the interviews was terrible.   Static drowned out the voices!  Antonio couldn't believe how bad it was.  He almost gave up!


Fortunately, he found software to reduce the static.  But, it didn't work perfictly so he had to get two of the leaders to redo their interviews and send them to them. Rebeca Arriaza in Guatemala translated the interviews into English.  Yarlinis Rodriquez, an Icthus Guide in Colombia, prepared the English captions. 


A draft was done, but it needed significant editing and the addition of Don Weisbrod's explanation. Finally, Antonio did a masterful job of mixing the interviews, music, and pictures into a video.   


We just completed the final video.   It was big job for such a short video but it turned out so well.  


We thought it was a "lost cause.”  Praise the Lord, it's ready for you to see. 


We hope you’ll enjoy it!

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