Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

ICTHUS  Prayer & Praise  August 2018

A “selfie” of attendees at the International Conference and Colombia Guides’ Meeting in Medellin, Colombia. Each of these enthusiastic people is dedicated to guiding young people in their churches and countries.

Thanks to Icthus Amigos like you we were able to hold an important 5-day International Conference in July.  Thanks to the Lord it exceeded our expectations.  We began at the annual meeting of guides from Colombia.  Leaders from each country (130 of us) shared stories, ideas, and excitement for the ministry.  We were amazed at what the Lord is doing through Icthus in so many places. 


For the second part of the international conference, 32 of us from 9 countries traveled to a venue closer to Medellin to continue our work.  We studied the Icthus Next advanced model for reaching more children being developed in Colombia.  We discussed how to implement this strategy to reach more kids in other countries.  We learned new methods of training.  We also worked on developing the new Youth Program (ages 14 to 17) - a project that will take until the end of 2019 to complete.   


We covered many more topics.  We learned, shared, worshiped and prayed together.  It was a rich time of learning and increasing commitment.  …And it hasn't ended.  We are continuing to meet online to work on several projects started at the conference, so more kids can have the Icthus ministry.


Thank you for being an Icthus Amigo helping to reach more children and youth and making significant projects like this possible.


See the International Conference VIDEO.



Icthus kids in Colombia celebrating the Icthus Birthday



Throughout Latin America kids celebrated the 54th birthday of Icthus during July.  In Costa Rica Icthus groups met at a skating rink reserved for this event.  In Honduras 300 kids met at a mountain park for a day of activities.  Icthus leaders from El Salvador and Nicaragua attended. 


In Colombia they launched the celebrations at the beginning of the month encouraging all Icthus groups to make cakes in the shape of fish, invite other kids to the parties, and to share their stories.  More than 200 groups all over this large country participated.  Kids & guides made hundreds of cupcakes and large cakes.


Here in the USA, thanks to Icthus Amigos like you, $2,500 was received in honor of the 54th birthday.  That's wonderful!  It will help provide Icthus to 330 kids through the end of the year – that’s 18 to 20 groups.  Thank you!!!


As an Icthus Amigo, you are a member of this International Family, so this celebration is for you too.   There’s still the opportunity to give a late birthday gift (it’s never too late).   


See pictures & videos at:  www.IcthusKids.org/news/




Icthus Amiga, Anita Schamber, gave in memory of her mother Margaret who passed away on June 30th.  Anita said, “She was an amazing 101 years old!” 





Your help and prayers make a difference in the lives of kids.  One is Oto, 7 years old.  Oto’s family is a very poor family.  They live in San Pedro Sula, Honduras (one of the most dangerous cities in the World).   


One of his Icthus guides wrote:


“He is full of energy, and enthusiasm.  But, this makes it hard for him to sit still and keep quiet during learning parts of Icthus meetings. To my surprise at the recent Icthus advancement ceremony he was recognized as the boy who learned the most including all the Bible verses."


“He is afraid of the dark.  Recently the pastor’s wife gave him a pair of shoes with lights.  He said he was going to sleep in them, so he can have some light during the night.  He is a sweet boy.”


"Oto is proof that Icthus is working.  Even when it seems like he's not paying attention he is learning.  That was wonderful to watch.  We pray for his life to develop in the right path, for his happiness to never be extinguished, and for him to keep being a faithful sign of God’s love."


Without Icthus Amigos like you, Oto and many others wouldn't have the help and love of an Icthus guides and a group. 

Oto, an Icthus boy from Honduras


  • Pray for kids like Oto in Latin America who need the guidance and help of Icthus guides and groups.
  • Pray for the country leaders working to implement what was learned at the International Conference and accomplishing ongoing projects to make Icthus more effective in reaching kids.

Thank you and Lord bless you!


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