Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

June 2018: Conference Update & News



Thanks to the generosity of many Icthus Amigos, leaders in Latin America are excited and preparing to go to Medellin, Colombia for the International Conference, June 30th.  


We are praying that at least 32 leaders will be able to participate.  But, it’s not been easy for the leaders from three countries. 

Nicaragua has been rocked by social unrest over many weeks.  This is making it hard for 2 leaders there to get their passports and tickets.  We’re still working on that.<< New text box >>

Venezuela is having even more difficult problems.  It has taken many weeks of work, but praise the Lord, Icthus leader Kristyan Parica is coming.   It is a miracle that he can come given all the chaos in that country.

    Fom Costa Rica comes the sad note that a key leader    F  Euardo Ramirez, 55 years old, died suddenly of a heart      attack at the end of May.  Eduardo and Sandra, his wife,  h had been planning to attend the conference.  At this         ppoint we don’t know if Sandra will be able to come. 

This conference is important.  It will provide Icthus leaders with training and motivation.  We’ll work on the development of a brand new Icthus Youth program.   We’ll review our progress in all the countries and strategize on how to reach more children and youth.


Children, families, and churches in Nicaragua, Venezuela and other countries have been suffering from national turmoil and poverty.  They need Icthus in a big way.  We’ll develop strategies to help more kids in places like those at the Conference.


PRAY that all the leaders from the different countries can get to the Conference. 

PRAY for wisdom and energy for those of us who are organizing this Conference that it will result in ministry for many more of children and youth.


Thank you to Icthus Amigos who have given to honor the others:

  • To honor the life of Eduardo Ramirez, Icthus leader from Costa Rica, Nancy Bildsoe sent a gift and a letter.  We translated it and sent it to his wife Sandra.
  • To honor Wally Qua who died in February, Dorothy Ertel sent a gift and remembered how Wally, his wife Dot, and others stuffed the Icthus newsletters every month.  



A legacy gift can make an enormous difference in extending Icthus to hundreds if not thousands of children.  Three types of Legacy gifts are:

  1. A gift that can provide you with charitable tax deductions: Cars, Real estate, Life insurance policies, Stocks, Fine jewelry.
  2. A gift that can not only provide you a charitable deduction, but may also provide you a lifetime income:  Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts.
  3. A gift through your Will designating a dollar amount or a percentage of an estate.

Would you consider giving a Legacy Gift to provide Christian character building ministry to more young people?   Contact Andy Lay: Email: andy@IcthusKids.org  



Icthus camps mean a lot to kids.  They learn so many things and have adventures beyond their imagination.   From Costa Rica, here’s what Arieth said.  He is 10 years old and is in the 4th grade.  One day he hopes to be a musician.  He comes from a poor family and he needed a campership to be able to attend the Icthus camp.

Arieth (left) at the Icthus Camp with friend and Icthus guide in Costa Rica.

“Hi, I’m Arieth, from the Invincible Legion.  My favorite experience in Icthus is to have new friends and the camp.  I liked that a lot.  At camp we had a workshop on tracking and I was able to identify some animals and plants.  I also learned how to make a campfire and what cautions we need to take for that.

I would like to thank the people who helped me go to camp (those who gave camperships).   I ask them to keep helping other kids, as they did me.”

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