Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership



We are thrilled!  Thanks to generous Icthus Amigos enough scholarships were received so that more than 20 leaders can attend the International Conference The leaders are excited and so thankful to those who helped.  

The International Conference will be held in Colombia from June 29 through July 5th.  It’ll be held in two venues.  The first part will be in the mountains an hour outside of Medellin – there we will join some 100 Icthus guides from all over Colombia.  For the second part of the Conference we’ll move to the outskirts of Medellin.  Details are being shaped now.  It’s going to be an exciting and significant event.   It will train and encourage country leaders in extending Icthus to more children.   Please join us in prayer.


Icthus Amigos like you are a VITAL.  Each month we receive testimonies from the countries -  evidence of how the Lord is working though Amigos and leaders in the countries to change the lives of children. 

My name is Martha Mejía.  I’m 54 and attend the Betania Church in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  I received the Lord 18 years ago.  My daughter Waleska has gone to church ever since she was little.  However, I did not.  Waleska always insisted that I go with her to church, but “I was too busy.”   I didn’t feel that I fit in.   But, God helped me and I began to attend.

Now, I am an Icthus guide.  My own daughter was the one who trained me!   I thank God that I can participate in this ministry. Someday my granddaughter will be old enough be in my Icthus “Little Fish” group. 

I am happy for that because I hope my granddaughter will not only remember me as her Grandma, but also as her Icthus Guide.  




In February, we lost Icthus Amigo, Wally Qua.  Some twenty years ago, Wally went with us on an early Icthus Mission Trip to Guatemala .  He came back so enthused that he would excitedly tell anyone who asked all about it, even many years later.  In fact, he was so enthused that Dot, his wife, coined the word, "Icthusiastic".  She embodies this word, too.  Wally was also one of the faithful crew who came to the Icthus Office to prepare the monthly newsletters. 


Joyce Stothers, a longtime friend of Dot and Wally gave a gift. She wrote “I would like to give this gift in remembrance of Wally.  We worked side by side many times in the office at Pasadena…” 

Wally is survived by his wife Dot, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Dorothy Ertel, another volunteer who helped monthly, also gave a gift in memory of Wally.


Note: We gratefully appreciate contributions given in memory or in honor of loved ones or special occasions to help extend the Icthus ministry to more young people.


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