Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership


Ana (age 9) and her sister Maria (age 7) live in Tabasco, Mexico. Two years ago their world fell apart when their mother died.


They had to live with their grandmother because their father was mostly absent. The grandmother struggled to care for them. They were very unruly, got into trouble at school, used bad language, and even stole things. Other kids didn’t like them.


A guide from a local Icthus group heard about them. She thought that Icthus could help them. She told them all about the fun weekly meetings, games, and activities. So, they agreed to attend.


At first, Ana and her sister were shy and they behaved. However, their unruly behavior crept back. They caused problems every week! The girls were a big challenge, BUT the guide had a big advantage because Icthus Friends like you had provided the Icthus ministry giving her training and ministry tools.


During the months that followed, the guide using the Icthus program demonstrated her commitment, patience and love to help Ana and her sister. Little by little the guide broke through Ana’s barriers of hurt and her sister’s, too. The guide said,


“I thank God because of the amazing change in Ana and her sister. They are now friendly, obedient, happy, and have lots of friends. They help in church and are doing well in school. They know that God is watching over them.”


What would Ana’s and Maria’s lives be like if they didn't have Icthus?


Without wonderful friends like you to help make this ministry possible I can't help but think their lives would be far less hopeful.


There are other “Ana’s and Maria’s”. Will you help them? Give them the Christmas gift of Icthus for a whole year. Click the donation link below and let me know how many you will help.


Thank you!  May this be a wonderful Christmas filled with joy for you and your family,


Don Weisbrod


PS: Just like Ana and Maria, most of the children we help live in poor communities with limited resources. Icthus is important in their lives to bring help and hope thanks to Friends like you.


Help one or more children like them have Icthus for a year ($15 each child). Help an Icthus group of 15 to 20 kids for a year (1/2 Group - $150, One Group - $300) Click below to make a donation and help kids have Icthus:

These are pictrues of Ana (11 years) and Maria (9 years) two years after they joined Icthus.

If you'd like to help on a monthly basis throughout the year click here for information.  Automatic Monthly Donations


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