Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

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Picture I took at a men’s retreat at Camp Whitsett, in the Sequoia’s - June 2016

It’s Friday evening in the Sequoia mountains.  I'm sitting on a large rock above the lake at Camp Whitsett (left). Other men are sitting on the rocks or in front of their tents relaxing.   We are waiting for the evening program of our church men's retreat to begin.


This morning 20 of us went over to the 100 Giants park to hike through the ancient, beautiful redwood grove - each with bark so incredibly soft and red.  I'm so glad the Lord has given me these few days to renew my relationship with Him and have fellowship with other men.  I'm thanking my wife Dianne too, for encouraging me to come.  We all need times like this.

The beginning of Summer is when so many of us turn our minds to vacations and beautiful places such as this.  Here in the USA hundreds of thousands of families are getting ready to send their kids to camps.  


Icthus leaders in different countries make extra effort during the year to provide a camping experience for as many children as possible. But though the cost is far much less than any here in the USA, a majority of kids in Latin America come from poor families.  It is very difficult for them to go.

That's why each year I encourage Icthus Friends to join me in giving camperships. It makes a huge impact in the lives of young people.  Our national leaders do such a wonderful job organizing camps that help young people to grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  

Many of these children were able to attend the camp in Costa Rica in December thanks to camperships given by Icthus Amigos like you.

The national camp in Costa Rica in December is one example.  Icthus Amigos provided camperships for 30 children to attend.

Among those who received a campership was twelve-year-old Djorick who lives near San Jose,  Costa Rica.

Djorick joined a brand new Icthus group when it started 6 months before the camp.  Not only did he like all the activities but his parents said it was helping him become more responsible.  When the chance to go to camp was announced he was even more excited. 


The camp was held in the mountains outside of San Jose.  The key verse for the camp was: 

“…I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you” John 15:15.


At the end of camp Djorick wrote to Icthus Amigos like you saying: “I thank the people who helped me go to camp.  I give thanks to the Lord.  I believe in Him and I will continue to do so.”

Djorick is in the upper right and his Icthus Friends at the graduation where they received badges for the Sword – the Word of God. This is a brand new Icthus group in San Jose.

After camp Djorick and his friends finished the first of the 7 parts of the Icthus Legion program.  Each is named after the armor of God.  They were awarded their badges for the Sword - the Word of God.  The camp and  Icthus activities are clearly helping to form the character of Djorick and his Icthus friends.

If you like the idea of camps and making it possible for poor kids to have that experience, please join my wife and me in sending kids on this adventure.  Icthus provides partial scholarships and the kids and their groups work hard to raise the rest of the funds. Camperships are $25.


Thank you and bless you, 

Don Weisbrod, President

PS:  I hope you’ll join us again this month to provide Icthus groups and camping to kids. 


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