Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Campership Needed for Camps in just 2 1/2 Weeks.

Dear Icthus Amigo,     


Please read this touching story from Nelson, in Choluteca, Honduras,                                                                                              

“Hello, my name is Nelson. I am nine years old and I live in Choluteca, Honduras.  I’m in the third grade in school.”


Nelson loves his Icthus Heroes Group at church.  He is a bit shy, but his group has helped him a lot.   Last year his friends went to Icthus Camp in December. They all get excited when they tell about the fun things they did and the good food.

Nelson of Honduras wants to go to Icthus Camp,

but he doesn’t have the money

Nelson really wants to go to camp December 14 to 17, but he doesn’t have the money.  His father barely earns enough as a brick layer to buy the food to feed the family. His mother doesn’t work outside home.


Nelson’s Guides shared a little of background about the family. 


They said that Nelson’s dad comes from a difficult past with alcohol.  “We admire how God is working in the father’s life,” explained his Guide.  “He works very hard to support his family, and he takes his family to church on Sundays. He is an example of perseverance, despite the difficult circumstances, and is trusting in God for help.” 

You see, Nelson’s dream is blocked by one problem – POVERTY. 


Funds are scarce in Nelsons’ family, as well as in his community, and the church.  Several other kids in his group are in the same boat.  Poverty prevents a lot of kids from having special opportunities like this to learn and grow.   If sufficient funds are not raised, Nelson’s dream will have to wait another year.


Would you consider sponsoring Nelson, and perhaps other children as well, by providing one or more Camperships for $25 each?  Our staff in Honduras and Costa Rica have asked for camperships for 50 of he neediest children. You could potentially transform the life of Nelson, and other kids, by giving them a campership?   Would you help?

Thank you in advance for what ever you can do to help kids in poverty like Nelson go to camp. I wish you could see their smiles and hear their shouts of joy when they get the news!


Lord bless you,


Don Weisbrod, President & Co-Founder







Nelson, with his parents and his birthday pinata.


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