Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Accelerate Icthus Project



Dear Icthus Amigo,

                Many Icthus Friends like you supported the IcthusNext program launched three years ago in Colombia.  It’s been a significant effort to incorporate what we’ve learned through the years to make Icthus more effective.

                The IcthusNext program has been tested and improved by our enthusiastic Colombian Team. The results have been amazing.  In just three years they have grown 242%.  And, they’re still growing.

Now we have a plan to accelerate that growth.  We call it, “Accelerate IcthusNext”.  By God’s grace, it will increase the impact of IcthusNext in Colombia and in other countries.  Accelerate IcthusNext will allow us to carry out five important projects.  See the list below.





Guide Training will develop a more effective way to train guides, including training videos, that will make it possible to train guides both face-to-face and remotely over the Internet.


Pastor Training will help pastors use Icthus for church growth.


IcthusNext Training Manual will help new countries develop Icthus from the ground up.


Complete rewriting of the Youth Program our popular program for youth ages 14-17.


Leader’s Conference in July, 2018 will bring together all the leaders of Icthus countries to roll out the entire Accelerate program.


SOME EXCITING NEWS!  We received this from a longtime Icthus Amiga!


Dear Don,
                My husband and I think the Accelerate Campaign is a wonderful initiative.  It will help reach many more children.  To encourage more people to help we want to give a
challenge grant of $10,000.  Our hope and prayer is that others will be motivated by this to match a part (or all) of our gift!  That way funds will be doubled and the money needed will be available to accomplish the Accelerate projects. 


We believe this will make a big difference in the lives of thousands of young people.  It’s a great investment in their future and God’s Kingdom.

                Wow!  What a great matching challenge!  Would you prayerfully consider matching a part of this generous Challenge Gift?  Whatever you can give, whether it’s $20, $50, $100, $500 or more, you will be helping to reach the significant goal of matching the challenge grant so that the Accelerate IcthusNext projects can be completed.  Please, let us know by returning the attached response coupon.



Your investments in Icthus are changing lives and have eternal value. The following testimonies from Colombian Icthus Guides show how the Icthus leaders and the training they receive is impacting their lives .


Kelly Marrugo, coordinator guide in Cartagena told us: Icthus is like my second family. It has radically influenced my ministry to kids. I have been a teacher in church for many years, but after the excellent training I received from Icthus, I’m growing in leading and serving kids. I have became more sensitive to their spiritual needs, feeling the desire to pray for each one, and help oversee the growth in all areas of their lives. Icthus has planted in my heart love, patience and passion for kids in my community.


Patricia Garcia, a guide in Santander region:


I thank God for this ministry.  It changed my perspective about teaching the Word of God to kids.  Through Icthus I’ve seen how teens learn about God and learn how unique and valuable they are as individuals.  Icthus opens doors for them to serve their communities, their churches and their families.  Our church has benefitted a lot.

Angy, a 17 year old Icthus Assistant Guide from Sahagun, Colombia: 


I thank God for allowing me to work with Icthus.  I started when I was seven.  I can say that Icthus has changed my life.  I’ve gotten to know new people and have learned much about God.  I hope I can keep on learning.  Icthus is life changing and I am grateful that we have it in my church.




                These three very committed guides and thousands more were trained using our older methods and materials.  The new guide training program will make it possible to train more guides more quickly and effectively.  This is one of the 5 important projects of Accelerate IcthusNext


We’re praying that the wonderful $10,000 challenge grant will encourage many to help double the resources.   Whether you can give $20, $50, $100, $500 or more, you’ll be helping meet the goal of Doubling the Resources for this Project.  Most importantly your gift will help multiply the impact of Icthus in the lives of many more kids and families.   Please join us.  Help achieve the Challenge Grant Goal by returning the enclosed coupon. 


Thank you and Lord bless you,



Icthus Prayer Requests

> Icthus Guides: wisdom in decisions, safety in travel, faithfulness in service.
> For Samuel and the team in Colombia helping to develop the new training program.

> For the National Leaders for strength and encouragement in difficult situations.

> For wisdom in recruiting staff in the new International office. 


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