Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

More information about Automatic Monthly Gifts

Ginving on a monthly basis is a significant way to provide sustainability for the Icthus ministry and it is an earier way to donate for many donors as it matches their personal budgets.    


Monthly donations are a big help in making it possible for the international and national teams offices to provide and grow the ministry to Icthus groups.  These funds help the teams provide traning, coaching, programs, and materias so they can help Icthus groups succeed reaching and guiding young people.  (To clarify, funds are not given to the children or groups.)  The average cost for helping an Icthus group (average 15 to 20 children) is $30 a month.  We have been able to do ministry at such a low cost because of the many volunteers who are involved.


You can set up an automatic monthly donation by clicking the button below.  Contributions are deducted from your credit card each month.  You may discontinue or change the automatic withdrawals at any time through PayPal.  To use the scheduled automatic monthly payment option you must join PayPal.  This is free and easy to set up.  Click here to find out more and join PayPal:  www.PayPal.com

Monthly Gifts

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