Matching Gift Challenge Deadline December 31st Midnight.
Matching Gift Challenge Deadline December 31st Midnight.
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Icthus Stories from Costa Rica

My name is Daniela, Im 12 and I started attending my legion 7 months ago. Ever since it started I never miss a meeting, because I love coming to Icthus. The only time I missed was because I broke my finger. Our legion´s name is “Stars in Spirit and truth.”


I'm in sixth grade. What I like about Icthus are the teachings, the way our guides treat us, the games, and the fact that I can make friends. I live 15 minutes away from church. Most of the time I walk, but sometimes my dad takes me. Icthus helps us not to do drugs, and do other things that help us to listen the word of God.


Icthus has helped me not to be so shy.  I talk to my friends about Jesus. I like to play the piano, and have been doing it for a year and a half now. I played in Icthus once. I would recommend to all kids not to skip out on Icthus, because is really good, and if they have friends with problems, to invite them too. Thanks!


Her guides tell us that Daniela loves God and music, she is getting trained to become a member of the worship team in church.

More Information about Icthus in Costa Rica

Gennyor Chacon, (white cap) National Director, teaching Icthus children.

Icthus national director in Costa Rica: Gennyor Chacon




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