Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Proverbs Project book

The Proverbs Project book is like a big comic book with beautiful illustrations for each of the 914 Biblical Proverbs.  It was written and illustrated by Vern Herschberger and recently translated into Spanish. 


Icthus has received a shipment of 1500 copies of the Proverbs Project book in Spanish.  Vern, the author wanted the first 1500 copies to bless Icthus children in Latin America.  His donation included the books as well as shipping them to our office – a significant gift!  He said he was sorry that he could not also include shipping them to Latin America.


Some of the first people to see the book were the national Icthus leaders in Mexico, David & Irma Monge.  Their eyes lit up!  Literally!  They commented and laughed at each turn of the page. David continued to describe the pictures and quote from the book to everyone he met that weekend.


At a 3 day Icthus guides conference held near the famous Aztec pyramids, Don distributed copies to a group of Mexican guides to review.  They brainstormed how the book might be best used in Icthus groups to help kids learn the Proverbs.  Since at that time they did not have enough books to give one to every child, the guides had to be creative in how they use the books to get the maximum enjoyment and learning out of each one.


At the end of this exercise the guides asked how they could get copies for their groups.  A heartwarming cheer erupted when Don told them that they could keep the books and start using them right away. 


Hundreds of these books have been sent to Latin America and are being used by Icthus groups.  However, several hundred are still in storage at the Icthus office.  Icthus groups are always asking for more.

Leaders from Huehuetenango, Guatemala who participated in a special service in Guatemala City with Don Weisbrod. Proverbs books were given to different Icthus groups during the 50th celebrations in Honduras and Guatemala.

The Spanish Proverb book has a market value of $25 each, but because they have already donated you can send one to Latin America for only $5.  Click here to donate to send more proverbs books:

$5 to send a Proverbs book to Latin America.


Check out the English version for sale on Amazon.com, or

Email us to order your own copy of the Proverbs Project in English or Spanish.

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