Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Serving in Mexicali, Mexico

Recently, a group of Icthus children in Mexicali, Mexico experienced the joy of serving others when they did their most recent service project.  They pooled their efforts to bless an elderly poor woman named Elena.  Elena lives close to their church, and even though she is not a member, the children felt a desire to bless her. 

Jesús Lopez, their guide, had each child bring a piece of fruit.  They put together an attractive basket and made a special card for her.  Then, as a group, they walked to Elena's house.  Imagine her joy when ten little children showed up at her front door to tell her that they care about and love her!  She received their card with happiness, and allowed the children to pray for her, and she kissed them.   


Jesús, told us:

“We chose Elena because she was out of work and had to start selling things for money.  We decided to help her by delivering the basket.  The children spoke to her of the love of God.  They explained that God loved her, and that she is important to God.  It was a very special moment.   Elena was very happy and moved, and the children were surprised by her response.“


“When we got back to the church we talked about this experience.  One of the children said that she learned that we can impact people when we do something nice for them.   We discussed that are the hands of God here on Earth and can share His love by helping those in need.  This was a special experience.  We are planning to help Elena clean her house.”

Your gifts to provide ministry this year helped to make hundreds of experiences like this possible.  Icthus children had the opportunity to do service projects and bless others.  Your prayers, encouragement, and gifts are the engine that make it possible for Icthus to continue!  Thank you!


Icthus is partnered with hundreds of churches to guide children and youth this year.  But, this is a small percentage compared to the number of churches and the enormous need throughout Latin America and the USA.  It is our dream and prayer that in 2014 this ministry will be extended to many more churches, even doubling the number of children helped.

Start the 50th year by helping children have Icthus and learn to serve!



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