Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

50th Celebration at San Diego First Presbyterian Church

By Don Weisbrod


The celebration at Frist Presbyterian in San Diego on September 13 and 14 was a wonderful event.  Pastor Jerry Andrews had me share at three services, the adult Sunday school class, and a luncheon. 


First Presbyterian is the church that sent me out as a college student on a summer short-term mission trip to Guatemala in 1964.  It was there that Icthus started.  This great church has supported Icthus ever since and has been a blessing to tens of thousands of young people, families, and churches. 


In preparation for this event, I dove deep into the archives of the early days of Icthus and found the first church bulletin and a picture announcing the 1964 mission trip.  I showed pictures of the early days and shared the adventures.  Many who attended have been supporting Icthus from the earliest times.  I told them that we will not fully comprehend until we get to heaven nor how the Lord used their faith, prayers, and sacrifice to bless so many. 


PS:  On a personal note:  Sunday afternoon, after the 50th celebration marathon, I wondered how Pastor Jerry Andrews manages to do multiple services and classes every week.  I was pleased with everything, but I was also completely exhausted.  All I wanted to do was to lay down!



Sunday school. I shared how the church was very important in the formation of Icthus through stories, pictures, and documents from the early days. Pat Ricon was there that day. In the picture she is in the next to the last row on the right.

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