Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership


 A Wonderful

Fiesta  de  ICTHUS


In San Diego, Nov 9th 2013


Evening Program

We had two wonderful speakers at this year's Fiesta de Icthus Banquet:

Nere Estrada, from Honduras

Nere grew up in a difficult neighborhood without a father. As a child her Icthus group became her family. “It lit a light in my life every Saturday,” she says. In her teen years Icthus became even more important.  “It was a link to Jesus in the middle of my teenage life conflicts.”


At 15 her vision was to become a guide to help children, as she had been helped. She became one of the youngest guides to start an Icthus group. Later, Nere served Icthus at the national level on the Honduras Board and developed a passion for growing coffee. Now, she and her husband are organic coffee growers.

Nere says, “Icthus is a powerful tool for the complex world of adolescents. It provides a space of trust, unconditional acceptance and Christ-centered training.”  Nere has a wonderful testimony and many stories and pictures to share with you.  She will bring her coffee and the proceeds will go to help Icthus!

Nohemy Hite from Arizona

Via a Skype Video


Nohemy grew up in Icthus in Honduras.  Her parents were church planters and her whole family was very "Icthusiastic."  Later Nohemy moved to the US where she became one of Icthus' most faithful donors.

She has a passion for Icthus because it played a huge role in her spiritual growth and maturity.


She has an incredible testimony about Icthus and of how the Lord sustained her in the midst of tragedy when her husband, Tucson Police Officer Erik D.Hite, was slain 5 years ago.

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