Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Icthus Camp: glimpses of what is possible

Nere Estrada from Honduras. Her life was guided by Icthus.

What’s the most special memory you have from going to camp? For Nereyda Estrada, long time Icthus guide, board member and recent Fiesta keynote speaker from Honduras, that’s an easy question:

“When I was seven I went to my first Icthus camp. At that time my family didn’t have much money because my father had abandoned us. All my friends brought pocket money to buy treats. But I didn't have any. One of the Icthus guides noticed, and without even asking he discreetly went over to buy me some chips.   What he did meant so much! I learned about God’s love through these simple signs of care in Icthus.”

For hundreds of kids across Latin America, Icthus camps offer one of the first opportunities to get out of the concrete jungles they’ve grown up in and breathe the fresh air of adventure, teamwork and the sweet presence of God.

These pictures are from the Honduras National Camp. The goal of the camp was to gather young people from Icthus groups and give them an unforgettable Christ centered experience. The word “Sinergia” means synergy. This was the theme for the camp—the synergy we can have in our lives following the Lord.

Each Icthus country organizes camps as a part of this ministry. In Colombia alone hundreds of children attended.

Camperships are needed in all the countries to help poor children go to camp. See other side.


Camperships: a way to make a big difference

What’s so special about a group of kids heading off on a bus for a few days of crazy fun in the mud? If you’ve ever been to camp you don’t need us to explain about the special sense of community that develops, and the way God talks to kids.

Imagine what it would mean to a poor child who has never been out of their neighborhood to attend an Icthus camp, with guides and peers who love them.

You can help make this experience possible for a child by providing camperships at $25 each. Use the enclosed coupon to help.


Coming soon...Facebook Photo Contest

Keep your eyes open for information about Icthus’ first ever “Facebook Photo Contest.” This is a fun way for the Icthus family of all countries and generations to tell their own Icthus story through pictures.

To be a part and help select the best photos go to “Icthus Kids” in Facebook. Click the “Like” button. If you don’t use Facebook we’ll be sharing the winners on our website and future editions of the newsletter. Join in on the fun with the Icthus Family.


Fiesta de Icthus banquet in LA

Nere Estrada (keynote speaker) and Glen Thorp (master of ceremonies) at the LA Fiesta de Icthus banquet on May 4th.

Were you among the 130 people present at the Fiesta Banquet in LA? If so, you know what a lovely evening we had! We heard from Nere Estrada, who at 16 started her own Icthus group in a poor neighborhood in Honduras. Now, 20 years later, 800 lives have been changed.

Nere shared how Icthus inspired her to constantly seek greater challenges, including learning to process and market the coffee from her family’s plantation. You can purchase her coffee— one bag for $15 or 2 or more bags for $13/each. Proceeds help Icthus kids in Honduras. We can ship it to you or you can get it at our office.


Please pray for:

  •  The kids who will be going to camp this summer– in the US and in Latin America. That they will experience God in new ways which will make a lasting difference in their lives.
  •  Icthus International as we find creative ways to celebrate what God has been doing and to connect the great extended Icthus family using technology!



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