Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

The Importance of a good mentor

Daniela Cofre (second from the right) and her fellow guides (mostly teens or early twenties) minister with Icthus in La Serena, Chile. Because they are all so young, they need older mentors like Debora to help them succeed.

Daniela Cofre is the 24 year-old leader of Icthus in her church in La Serena, Chile. When she started Icthus 1-1/2 years ago, some of the church leaders were skeptical that the ministry would succeed.


To help Daniela get started, the Director of Icthus in Chile, Debora Parada, visited. She trained them and convinced the pastor that Icthus was a good idea.  Over the coming months Daniela and her group of young guides ministered to children from the church, and also to non-Christian children in their neighborhood. They even went out on foot to fetch the children for the Saturday meetings!  Daniela’s persistence and Debora’s mentoring has paid off. The church in La Serena has 30 Icthus legionnaires and heroes. A full two-thirds of these children come from non-Christian homes!

A Special Visit

Debora Parada, National Director of Icthus Chile, salutes a young legion-naire at the last promotion ceremony she attended in La Serena a year and a half ago.

One of Debora Parada’s most important jobs as the National Director of Chile is to visit Icthus groups. In Chile this is complicated by the long distance. For example, to travel from Debora’s home in Concepción to La Serena (see story above) takes 16 looooooong hours on a bus!


In a few weeks the children in La Serena will be celebrating the completion of a major section of the Icthus curriculum. Debora, and her assistant Mar-garita, are hoping to attend this promotion cere-mony. However, they are working on raising the funds to go there.


Please pray that they can make this trip and that their time with these young leaders will help strengthen the group for good work!

More Stories from Chile

Rocke from La Serena, Chile, is an enthusiastic young ambassador for Christ.

Rocke is only six years old and comes from a non-Christian family in La Serena, Chile. (See other side.)
On his first day of Icthus Heroes his guides explained about how to invite Jesus into your heart. Eleven children, including Rocke, raised their hands to receive Jesus for the first time. Eight of them were from non-Christian homes.


After class Rocke approached his guide exclaiming, “I’m so happy because Jesus lives in my heart. Now I know I’ll go to heaven.”

According to Daniela, Rocke has not stopped telling his friends and family about Jesus. He invites his classmates to come to Icthus and asks his parents to pray with him. Even though they are not Christians, they do.

Did you know?

Margarita (in the dark coat) recently visited a new Icthus group in southern Chile.


Though it’s summer here, in Chile it’s a cold winter. During this time of year poor children suffer from constant cold. 


Several weeks ago Margarita, who is assistant to the National Director, visited a new group in San Pedro de la Paz, near Concepción.  This is a small church with very few resources. With great effort and sacrifice they have started an Icthus group.

Eulisa, from San Pedro de la Paz, Chile.

While Margarita was participating in the ceremony she was cut to the heart when she noticed one girl, Eulisa, who had holes in her shoes. Despite this hardship, Eulisa was the most enthusiastic and joyful of all.


Now, Margarita is arranging to buy Eulisa new shoes.

Remembering the earthquake…

Three years ago Chile suffered the worst earthquake in its history. It was followed by a devastating tsunami that flooded coastal towns. (The tsunami even caused minor damage as far north as San Diego, CA!)
Thanks to many of you, food, water, and supplies were purchased. Icthus leaders traveled many miles over destroyed roads to deliver these supplies. Now people have returned to their routines of work and school, but can still see evidence of that terrible event.

Dear Icthus friend,
Your support helps make it possible for Margarita, Debora and other country leaders to accomplish their work. I hope you will consider giving a gift to provide Icthus to more children this month.
Lord bless you!


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