Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership


David Monge, director of Icthus Mexico with Siria Argueta (right) and another guide at the guides training in 2012.

The success of Icthus rests mainly on the shoulders of hundreds of guides in a dozen countries. Guides are the frontline of this ministry. On a weekly basis they mentor and encourage young people to love the Lord, to care for others, and to develop positive skills and attitudes.


     But, what happens when these key leaders run out of energy, get discouraged, or need new ideas? Training camps are one of the best ways to help guides rekindle the fire in their hearts and become more effective.


     Siria Argueta, the Coordinator for Icthus in Baja Californiasharedthat these annual events help guides learn new methods, interchange ideas, gain a deeper sense of God’s love for the children, and strengthen commitment.


The results are incredible! For example, at last year’s training, several leaders attended from a church in Mexicali that did not have Icthus. The motivation and training they received helped them start three Icthus groups. Now 50 to 70 more children have Icthus in their lives.


This year’s Baja California Training Camp will be October 18th-20th in Rosarito, Mexico. David Monge, National Icthus Director from Mexico City, will co-facilitate an inspiring program with Don Weisbrod called “Lead Like Jesus.” This training has had great results in other parts of Latin America (see the story on the back).


For this to be an effective Training Camp resources will be needed. We hope you will consider helping to make this training a success with long lasting results in Baja California.

1. The travel budget for both Don and David is approximately $500.                                                 Needed: One friend to invest $500 or Five friends to give $100 each or Ten to provide $50 each.

2. Some guides will not be able to attend unless they can receive scholarship help.

      We are praying that 30 guides can come. At least 10 will need scholarships. $30 per guide.

3. Each participant will receive a copy of the “Lead Like Jesus” workbook and materials.
Lead Like Jesus training manuals are $15 per guide.



Lead Like Jesus

The Lead Like Jesus materials teach that a leader is anyone who influences the thinking, behavior, or development of others. This training challenges leaders to examine their head, heart, hands, and habits and to pattern their leadership after Christ’s example.

     What an appropriate teaching for Icthus guides who are the greatest influences in the lives of young people in Icthus. This course has been enthusiastically received by guides in Colombia, Mexico City and Durango who have heartily recommended it to other Icthus guides!


Pedro and Lolita Cayetano have severed as Icthus guides for 12 years in Central Mexico.  They attended the Lead Like Jesus training in Mexico City last year.


“This course was a huge blessing for us and even for our children, family, Icthus ministry, and our church. God has done wonderful things through this course. We especially want to thank Don for coming all the way to Mexico to train us.”  

-Pedro and Lolita Cayetano


Did you know?

  •  The state of Baja California has 3 million people. Almost 1/3 of them (900,000) are children under the age of 14.


  •  While many associate Tijuana with violence and gangs, this important Mexican city is a world leader in aerospace, automotive and green technology. On August 29th, 2013 Tijuana hosted its 4th annual International Aerospace Supplier Forum.


  •  97% of the population of Baja California live in 4 cities: Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada and Tecate. Icthus is in each city.   There are 16 Icthus groups in this part of Mexico.


Ways you can help

  •  Sponsor a table at the San Diego fiesta and /or invite friends to come.
  •  Collect cell phones, ink jet cartridges. Donate a vehicle.
  •  Include Icthus in your will.
  •  Give a gift of property or stocks to reduce your taxes and reach more children.


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