Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Do You Want to be a Publisher?

A few years ago in a poor, dusty community in Honduras, I watched in fascination as children learned how to make a speech—a lesson I wrote years before.  Nineteen children, ages 10 - 13, listened as their guide explained how to talk in front of a group.  Then they prepared  a simple outline on their topic.  Later the 2 minute speeches began. 

A very nervous eleven year old girl came forward, afraid to look at the group.  With great effort she delivered her little presentation.  As she finished everyone applauded heartily.  You should have seen the joy on her face!  Then other children gave their speeches.  As each sat down I sensed they had gained a measure of confidence that they could do it better!

The lesson on making a speech is one of many practical life skills taught in the Icthus manuals.  Manuals are the “life blood” of this ministry because they provide the ideas, activities, games and structure for helping children grow. 

Do you have any idea of how important Icthus Friends like you are in publishing these materials?   Icthus Friends are a big part in the development and publishing because of their encouragement, donations, and prayers.

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to provide manuals to kids and leaders at low cost.   But like all good tools, the manuals must to be updated and improved to fill changing needs and incorporate better ideas.              

We need to complete Heroes. 

Heroesfor 7 to 9 year olds:  A team of gifted leaders has been working to complete this new program.  We want to finish the last three heroes (Noah, Deborah, and David) by the end of 2014. 
Sponsoring the manual for
 one week of activities costs $60.  Sponsoring an entire hero (5 months) costs $1,200.  A total of $3,600 is needed to finish the last three Heroes.

We have begun work towards revising:

Pecesitos(Little Fish):  We are surveying guides of the 4 to 6 year olds about what needs to be improved. 

Icthus Youth:   New ideas are being tested in two countries to make it more dynamic for today’s teens. 

Each Icthus program contains 3 years of lesson plans with learning objectives to be achieved each week through activities, games, and exercises in the guide’s and children’s manuals. The core curriculum has three parts: learning about God, Being a good Neighbor, and Developing one’s Self (based on Matt. 22:37-39).

To accomplish these significant projects we need Icthus Friends like you to join in as publishers.  You can sponsor by the week, an entire 5-month Hero, or all three heroes to complete the Heroes program.  Donations received beyond what is needed for Heroes will be used for improving the Pecesitos and Icthus Youth programs.

Please join us in prayer and, if possible, become a publisher to help to complete the Heroes Program. 

 Thank you for being a part of this strategic ministry,

Don Weisbrod

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 Sandra Ramirez, a Hero Guide in Costa Rica says:

“It's important that each boy and girl have their own manual.  The manual allows the children to work individually or in a group, and to keep track of the challenge for that day.  Manuals also give them a sense of ownership.  They write their name on it and it is OK to write in it (they are encouraged to do that each week). 

The investment in manuals is not an onerous expense since we print separate manuals for each five month module.”

She also says that the Guide Manuals provide everything needed to teach the lessons.  The Children’s Manuals motivate learning because they are easy to use, have great illustrations, and include useful and fun activities.

Icthus Heroes Update

Rebeca Arriaza

Since 2011, Rebeca Arriaza, from Guatemala (right) has been working with Don and others to create Heroes, a new exciting program for kids ages 7 to 9.  Rebeca is chief writer for this project.

“It has been a challenge, but also it is an awesome experience, especially after hearing from the countries that are already using the parts we’ve finished.  We need to hurry and finish the last parts of the program to keep up with the groups!”   


As os June 3rd we are almost finished with Noah.  The drawings are being worked on right now.  In addition we have started work on the next Hero - Deborah

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