Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

The Best Christmas Gift for Kids


Dear Icthus Friend,                                                             December 2016


What was the best Christmas present you received as a child?   For me it was a shiny RED WAGON when I was only five!  I hope you have a similar memory.


That wagon isn’t shiny anymore and it’s long gone.  The thing that lives on is the memory of my excitement when my parents gave me that wagon with such big hugs and smiles.  I knew they loved me.   In the long run, the best presents are the love and kindness we receive from others. 


The best gift we can give is to show God’s love and guidance. That gift lasts forever.


As we approach Christmas time, I hope you’ll consider giving the special gift of Icthus to a child in Latin America.  That gift will lead him or her to Christ. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


Here are two Icthus Christmas gifts that will change the lives of young people:


“Hello, my name is Melisa.  I am the coordinator for Icthus in the New Life Church.  We started our Icthus groups in May this year.   Seeing the smiles of the kids gives me reasons to bless God’s name.


This is the first time I have had such a responsibility.  I ask God each day to give me love and passion so that I can serve Him and give my best to the kids.  Icthus has been a great blessing.”


Photo Above: Melisa Acosta, head guide in Colombia with some of kids in the new Icthus groups. 

Helping churches start Icthus and preparing guides like Melisa creates a special place for kids - a loving, committed “family” where kids learn about God’s love for them, learn skills, and have fun. Once started, most Icthus groups last for years. 


“I started in Icthus when I was 12.  Each week, I could hardly wait for Saturday so I could go to Icthus.  Our guides always had something ready for us. 


When I first learned what the word, “Icthus” meant I was amazed.  It impacted me to know that Jesus came to die for me.  I gave my life to Jesus in Icthus.


Icthus has helped me to love God and my neighbor as myself.  Each Saturday my guides taught me to study the Word, showed me the meaning of the armor of God, and led games to teach us teamwork. I loved going to camps, because I felt closer to God and met new friends. 


Ever since I was an Icthus kid I wanted to serve as a guide.  Now I get to do that.  I thank God because I can impact kids like my guides impacted me.” 

Zayda Hernandez  


Photo Above:  Zayda Hernandez, top right, with the other guides and some of the Icthus kids.  Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Icthus trains and encourages guides like Zayda to encourage kids to follow Jesus and live productive lives through Icthus programs, meetings and activities.   Like Zayda many Icthus kids go on to become guides for the next generation.  Each week, thousands of children can hardly wait for next Saturday and their next Icthus adventure.

Your help in providing either of these two gifts will make a big difference for kids. 

  1.  Start a Group: It costs an average of $150 to start an Icthus group.  Could you help start one, a part of one, or many groups?


  1. Minister to Children:  Providing Icthus for a year for one child is $18 (just $1.50 a month).  How many children could you help have Icthus for the year?    


Your gift, no matter the size, makes a big difference to kids, and best of all, it doesn’t rust.  It does something that lasts forever.   Zayda summarized this saying: “I like to say I have little Icthus fish swimming in my blood.  God’s love was shown to me through Icthus, now I show His love to others.”


May this be a wonderful Christmas Season for you,

Don Weisbrod


PS:  If you can help, please send your Icthus Christmas gift before December 24th.  You can make a contribution on line.  Click Here

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