Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership
Equipping Young People for Christian Service and Leadership

Alma of Mexico

Alma Miyano of Tijuana, Mexico

Dear Icthus Friend,                                                                                        


Before this year ends, I want to share one more Icthus story.  It’s about 18 year old Alma Miyano of Tijuana, Mexico.


Last year I met Alma at a 3 day workshop I lead for guides in Baja California, Mexico called “Lead like Jesus.”  At the time she was in Icthus Youth – this is our program for 14 to 17 year olds.  Her church brought Alma to the training because they wanted to groom her to be an Icthus leader.  I was impressed at how well she participated - a quick learner.


A couple months ago, Irma Monge, the wife of the Mexico Icthus National Director, visited Tijuana and met Alma.  She told me that now Alma wants to become a guide. 


Irma said, “Alma wants to be a guide because she is concerned about the needs of youth in today’s difficult world.”  


I am delighted when I hear that an Icthus kid wants to become a guide.  It shows that their guides are doing a great job.  The kids want to be like them. 


Alma started in Icthus when she was 8 years old.  Over the years she completed all the programs.  Each helped her learn to love God, her neighbor, and herself. 

Alma, lower right, participated actively in the guide training. I’m on the left.

Alma said, “If it wasn´t for Icthus I wouldn’t be an active part of the church.  In Icthus I learned how to have good relationships with teachers, family and guides, I learned about team work, and I found my future profession.”


Stories like this motivate me to extend this ministry to more young people.  The new year is coming and we need to start it on a stronger financial footing.  Would you consider giving an end-to-the-year donation to help start 2015 with a big bang?  Let’s help more young people grow up like Alma in the new year.


Happy New Year,


Don Weisbrod

Alma (on the left) in 2007 at an Icthus ceremony with guides and friends. She was 11 years old.

There is something else … I made an exciting discovery!


Knowing that Alma had been in Icthus a long time, I wondered if I had any pictures of her as an Icthus child. I have hundreds of pictures of Icthus in Baja California from many visits there. Thanks to face recognition software I found one picture, then another, and then several more. It was like a treasure hunt. I had captured a part of her life in Icthus.

Alma (on the left) in 2007 at an Icthus ceremony with guides and friends. She was 11 years old.

My take-away as I look at these pictures is that it may not look like much is happening in a child’s life for a long time, but we keep working. Then one day, as with Alma, we realize that this ministry effort is extremely effective and important. It’s then that we get a glimpse into what the Lord is doing through all your efforts and mine to provide Icthus to children.

Irma said,“Alma wants to study communications and go into missions. She volunteers in church and loves taking pictures at special events. She is a special young lady with lots of enthusiasm and desire to serve God. May God bless her”.


Alma wants to be a guidebecause of her concern for the needs of young people who are being attacked and trapped by the world. We join Alma in her concern that children need ministry and guidance in this difficult world.

I found Alma in many pictures. I even found her in this one from the 2010 Icthus campout in Tecate, Mexico. Alma, then 14 years old, is near the top center.

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